Luis Menezes - SiqueiraCastro
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Luis Menezes

Luis Menezes


Praça Pio X, 15 – 3º andar
20040-020 Rio de Janeiro – RJ

+55 21 2223-8818

[email protected]

• Administrative, Regulatory, Infrastructure and PPPs Law
• Petroleum and Gas
• Graduate from Bennett Methodist University
• Post-graduate in Corporate Law from PUC-RJ
• Post-graduate in Petroleum and Energy from MBP COPPE/UFRJ
• Languages: English and Spanish
• Member of OAB/RJ
• Former partner of law firms such as Felsberg Advogados, Villemor Amaral Advogados, Campos Mello Advogados and Tozzini Freire Advogados
• Experience in the legal department of Petrobras Gas S.A. GASPETRO
• Brazilian Upstream Oil and Gas: A Practical Guide to the Law and Regulation
• Brazilian Midstream and Downstream Oil and Gas – A Practical Guide to the Law and Regulation
• M&A And Investment In Latin America’s Natural Resources Sector