Our History - SiqueiraCastro
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From left to right: Drs. Antonio Vicente da Silva Salgado, Luiz Lebre Pereira das Neves,
Carlos Roberto Siqueira Castro, Joaquim Corrêa Lino e Braz Sergio Olivier de Camargo.

In 1948, as Brazil emerged from the Second World War, the first law firms focused on the world of business started to appear in the country. It was against this backdrop that four noted lawyers created in Rio de Janeiro the base that would become SiqueiraCastro. In the 1970s, the founders Braz Sergio Olivier de Camargo, Luiz Lebre Pereira das Neves, Antonio Vicente da Silva Salgado and Joaquim Corrêa Lino – who had previously established their reputations in Dr. Richard P. Momsen’s office –, joined with Carlos Roberto Siqueira Castro, who provided fundamental impetus for continuity and further growth of the project.


The 1990s marked a new phase in the development of the Brazilian economy, with privatization, stabilization of the currency and control of inflation. The business climate became increasingly sophisticated, attracting investments from companies of all continents and spurring internationalization of large Brazilian groups, which expanded their activities to other countries.


SiqueiraCastro accompanied these important changes by creating new practice areas and opening offices throughout the country, becoming what it is today, a full solution firm. We now have around 2,500 employees in our 18 offices spread throughout Brazil and serve more than 3,000 clients in virtually all economic segments, in all areas of law.

Why contract
More than just specialists in law, we understand your business. For this reason, we are pioneers in providing full solutions. Besides tradition and professional ethics, our clients count on complete support in all regions of Brazil and in various other countries. We bring agility to cases, optimize the work and are assertive in decision-making.
We are integrated by a network of 1,900 computer terminals, distributed among our offices in Brazil and abroad, facilitating communication and access to our database.


We rely on an exclusive operational program that allows generating updated reports on the status of cases at any moment in real time.

Besides investments in technology, we value our physical structure. All our units follow the same architectural and technological support standards. With this, we create a harmonious environment, assuring the integration among the areas and the same conditions of comfort and logistical support at all our units.
at SiqueiraCastro
We constantly invest in the improvement of our teams. All are formed by professionals with strong reputations in their practice areas. The great majority of our partners and senior associates have advanced specialization credentials, including master’s and doctorates, earned in Brazil and abroad, and many of them have worked in the leading law firms in Europe and the United States.


To assure the professional growth of our professionals, we created the Qualification and Training Fund. Through this program we invest in the development of lawyers and interns by enabling them to participate in specialization courses, presentations, seminars and symposiums in Brazil and abroad. Besides this, we provide permanent in-house training programs for all team and staff members.

75 years of history
18 offices
3.000 active clients