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Siqueira Castro
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We at SiqueiraCastro can state with pride and confidence that during over the past 70 years of our history we have played a fundamental role in the evolution of the legal sector in Brazil. Among our clients are leading companies in their segments that work incessantly for the development of the country. We are motivated by this same purpose and enterprising spirit, as well as by the firm commitment to the advance of civilization, human rights, diversity, the rule of law and democracy.

From left to right: Drs. Antonio Vicente da Silva Salgado, Luiz Lebre Pereira das Neves, Carlos Roberto Siqueira Castro, Joaquim Corrêa Lino e Braz Sergio Olivier de Camargo.

Innovation has always

been part of the firm’s DNA

We are enthusiastic leaders of the transformation of the legal market, by offering our clients strategic consultation with legal intelligence.


This intelligence is our greatest asset. Providing the full range of legal services is just the start for us. It is through deep and multidisciplinary knowledge – inside and outside the legal universe – that we are able to aggregate expertise to all our business solutions. We are a full solution firm. We are more than lawyers; we are business advisers with legal training.

From resolution of highly complex problems to managing routine daily challenges, we advise our clients regarding the strategic conduction of business, maximization of opportunities, and anticipation and mitigation of risks. All this is achieved through continuous investment in technology, people and processes.
Our structure is solid.

We are present in all regions of Brazil.

We believe that the diversity of Brazil is its greatest strength. Therefore, we are present wherever business is done, wealth is generated and our clients need our assistance, for any mission or project.


International alliances and partnerships give us a vision of global developments and allow us to participate in the growth and solidity of our country and its companies in the global economic scenario. We also act as a secure and reliable usher to guide foreign companies that intend to invest in Brazil.


A strong culture of collaboration and partnership guarantees the integration of our 18 offices throughout the country and generates efficiency, proximity and flexibility to the relationships with our clients. For us, what matters most are these relationships and the legacy we leave for future generations.


This marks SiqueiraCastro: global scope with local flavor, always offering outstanding business consulting with legal intelligence.