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Unidades próprias SiqueiraCastro


Offices ADVOC cooperation agreement

We have offices in all regions of the country. We believe that the diversity of Brazil is its greatest strength. For this reason, we are present wherever business occurs.


A strong culture of collaboration guarantees the integration of our 18 units and brings efficiency, proximity and flexibility to the interaction with our clients. For us, what matters above all are the relationships we build and the legacy we leave for future generations.


This is SiqueiraCastro: Global scope with local flavor, always offering intelligent legal advice to businesses.

Our Offices
São Paulo
Rua Tabapuã, 81 – 4º andar
Itaim Bibi – São Paulo/SP
Brasil | CEP: 04533-010
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Phone: (+55 11) 3704-9840
Fax: (+55 11) 3704-9848

We have been present in São Paulo since 1968, and in the 1990s we restructured our activities in the city, adjusting the physical installations to enable rendering even more efficient services in the country’s leading economic center.


The office is located in the Itaim Bibi district and occupies eight floors, with space of 4,500 m², sufficient for 600 professionals to work. The structure also includes an auditorium with seating of 150, to hold internal seminars and other events.

Rio de Janeiro
Praça Pio X 15 – 3º andar
Centro – Rio de Janeiro/RJ
Brasil | CEP: 20040-020
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Phone: (+55 21) 2223-8818
Fax: (+55 21) 2516-8308
Our trajectory started in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The firm traces its roots to 1948, with its first office in the then federal capital. Today, we fill nine floors in our own building in the financial center of the city, with total floor space of 7,500 m², from which more than 900 professionals work. It is an ideal setting to develop the culture of collaboration that marks SiqueiraCastro. We also have an auditorium with seating capacity of 150 that is totally equipped for seminars and other events.
SCN Quadra 04, Pétala B
Ed. Centro Empresarial Varig 
Grupo 1303 – Brasília/DF
Brasil | CEP: 70714-900 
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Phone: (+55 61) 3424-4100
Fax: (+55 11) 3704-9848
We arrived in the nation’s capital, location of the highest courts, in 1997. Established in the financial center of the city, with easy access to hotels and the main public entities and courts, the unit of SiqueiraCastro in Brasília occupies floor space of 900 m², sufficient for the work of 80 legal practitioners and staff.
Rua Moacir Wanderley, 185 – 2º andar
Salas 202/203 – Ed. Empresarial Jardins
Jardins – Aracaju/SE
Brasil | CEP: 49025-510 
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Phone: (+55 79) 3234-0100
Fax: (+55 11) 3704-9848
To meet the needs of our new and traditional clients, the office in Aracajú was opened in 2005. With floor space of 150 m² it can accommodate 15 professionals. The unit is the main provider of legal services to businesses in the state of Sergipe.
Rua Municipalidade, 985
Ed. Mirai Office Sala 1815
Brasil | CEP: 66050-3500 
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Phone: (+55 91) 3352-9547
Fax: (+55 11) 3704-9848
The opening of our office in Belém marked the arrival of the first large law firm in the northern region of the country. We have been present in the capital of Pará since 2009, aggregating our strong performance in business law in the region. Occupying floor space of 250 m², the unit has capacity for 25 legal practitioners and administrative staff.
Belo Horizonte
Rua Paraíba, 550.
Renaissance Work Center, 9 andar.
Funcionários – Belo Horizonte – MG
Brasil | CEP: 30130-140
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Phone: (+55 31) 3308-9230
Fax: (+55 11) 3704-9848
We have been present in Belo Horizonte since 2000. With three floors and total space of 1,200 m², the office has capacity for 150 professionals. The location is strategic, near the head offices of large companies active in Minas Gerais and the building housing the Regional Labor Court of Appeals.
Rua Comendador Araújo, 499
Edifício Corporate Evolution, 10º andar – Centro 80
Curitiba – PR
Brasil | CEP: 80420-000
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Phone: (+55 41) 2106-6897
Fax: (+55 11) 3704-9848
Envisioned to enable rendering services in all areas of business law, the unit of SiqueiraCastro in Curitiba has floor space of 700 m² and can accommodate 120 legal practitioners and staff.
Avenida Dom Luis, 807.
Edifício Etevaldo Nogueira Business
Meireles, Fortaleza – CE
Brasil | CEP: 60160-230
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Phone: (+55 85) 3402-8537
Fax: (+55 11) 3704-9848
We have been present in the Ceará state capital since 2001, located in the heart of the business and government district of Fortaleza. With space of 500 m², the office can accommodate 50 people. The facilities are ideal to render our legal services to businesses with intelligence.
João Pessoa
Av. João Machado, 553 – 6º andar
Centro – João Pessoa/PB
Brasil | CEP: 58013-520 
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Phone: (+55 83) 3241-2987
(+55 83) 3241-2920
Fax: (+55 11) 3704-9848
The unit in João Pessoa has rendered services in all areas of business law since 2005. With 150 m² of floor space, the office has capacity for the work of 15 professionals. .
Av. da Paz, 1388 – 2º andar
Jaraguá – Maceió/AL
Brasil | CEP: 57020-440
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Phone: (+55 82) 3221-2940
Located in the historical district of Jaraguá, the unit in the Alagoas state capital, Maceió, was opened in 2006. With area of 120 m² it accommodates 15 legal practitioners and staff, rendering services in all relevant areas of business law, with our main differential: local knowledge.
Rua Peru, 315 – 3º andar
Parque 10 de Novembro – Manaus/AM
Brasil | CEP: 69050-500
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Phone: (+55 92) 3236-3151
(+55 92) 3236-6207
We have been present in Manaus since 2009, when we started our activities in the state of Amazonas to augment our national scope. Manaus is an important center for various economic sectors, where the Manaus Free Trade Zone is the location of many leading national and multinational companies engaged in the manufacture of high-tech products. The unit occupies floor space of 250 m², sufficient for the work of 25 professionals.
Rua Raimundo Chaves, 2182, 5º andar
Lagoa Nova, Natal – RN
Brasil | CEP: 59064-390
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Phone: (+55 84) 3235-1094
Fax: (+55 11) 3704-9848
To establish presence in the northeastern region, the unit in Natal was opened in 2005. With an area of 200 m², it can accommodate 20 legal practitioners and support staff, prepared to meet all the needs of clients in the region.
Porto Alegre
Rua Sete de Setembro, 745 – 9º andar
Centro – Porto Alegre/RS
Brasil | CEP: 90010-190
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Phone: (+55 51) 3226-9154
Fax: (+55 11) 3704-9848
Besides engagements to support clients in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, the unit in the state capital also renders services involving business affairs in the member countries of Mercosur. The unit in Porto Alegre, opened in 2003, was the firm’s first in Brazil’s southern region. It has floor space of 500 m² and capacity for 60 professionals.
Porto Velho
Rua Afonso Pena, 408
Centro – Porto Velho/RO
Brasil | CEP: 76801-100
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Phone: (+55 69) 8408-5608
Fax: (+55 11) 3704-9848
Opened in 2012, the unit in Porto Velho is strategically located in the most important business center in the city, near the state and federal courthouses. It occupies an area of 150 m² and accommodates 15 legal practitioners and support staff.
Rua Padre Carapuceiro, 858.
Torre Cícero Dias, 7º andar
Boa Viagem, Recife – PE
Brasil | CEP: 51020-280
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Fone: (+55 81) 3059-4154
Fax: (+55 11) 3704-9848
Since 2004, the unit in Recife has provided services to various companies that are important to the Brazilian and global economy. Located in the downtown business district, it has 600 m² of floor space and can accommodate 90 professionals.
Avenida Tancredo Neves, 620.
Edifício Mundo Plaza, 33º andar, Sala 3410
Caminho das Árvores, Salvador – BA
Brasil | CEP: 41820-901
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Phone: (+55 71) 2202-6093
Located in the financial district of Salvador, capital of Bahia, the unit plays a leading role in providing legal services in to clients in both the northern and northeastern regions. Opened in 2002, it has area of 900 m² and capacity for 100 legal practitioners and administrative staff.
São Luís
Av. dos Holandeses, Quadra 11-A, Lote 14
6º andar – Cond. Multiempresarial Century
São Marcos – São Luís/MA
Brasil | CEP: 65071-380
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Phone: (+55 98) 3268-4145
Fax: (+55 11) 3704-9848
Until 2007, Maranhão was the only state in the northeastern region not to have a unit of SiqueiraCastro. The office in São Luís has floor space of 200 m² and capacity for 20 professionals, who serve the main companies with activities in this important state.
Av. Jóquei Clube, 299, 1004 e 1005
Jóquei Clube – Teresina/PI
Brasil | CEP: 64049-240
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Phone: (+55 86) 3230-1212
Fax: (+55 11) 3704-9848

SiqueiraCastro has had an office in Teresina, the capital and largest city in Piauí, since 2006. Our presence in the region represents a differential for our clients, who count on agile and integrated service to meet all their needs. The office has 150 m² and capacity for 15 professionals.