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The Concept

We live in an era of unprecedented technological advancement. Innovation is more than just a mantra. It is a question of business survival. We believe that our various practice areas are fully prepared for this reality and to contribute decisively to the success of our clients.


Once again, we have taken a pioneering step ahead, now in the area of knowledge management and on its transformation in legal intelligence to allow decision-making that adds value to the business.

Central do Conhecimento São Paulo

Virtual Library

First, we’ve created the Virtual Library: a center of full solution legal knowledge up to SiqueiraCastro, its staff and customers. We have at our disposal Brazil’s most complete legal database.


The Virtual Library works as a strategic content hub, allowing online consultation of thousands of books, laws, regulations and judicial decisions. In theses portal we provide search tools, daily clipping service of the most important news from the main courts in the country, transmission in real-time of seminars, among other resources to facilitate legal research, from bilingual dictionaries and simultaneous translation tools to access to recent studies undertaken by the firm

With the new Virtual Library, the old concept of a library as a “book repository” has been left behind. The knowledge available through our various research tools can be customized with virtual intelligence to generate specific reports personalized for each client. Among these is a mapping of precedents broken down by judge or court about determined themes, lists of all public tenders occurring in Brazil in a particular economic sector, and even critical analyses of the judicial performance regarding our clients and their main competitors.


In summary, we have managed to transform information from various sources into legal intelligence, to facilitate strategic decisions and promote the business activities of our clients – everything in the palm of your hand, with a simple click on our homepage and intranet link.

Central do Conhecimento Rio de Janeiro

Complementary and customized services for each client

Além disso, desenvolvemos, através de nosso exclusivo banco de dados e de todas as ferramentas e plataformas de pesquisa das quais dispomos, tudo aliado à utilização de automação e de inteligência artificial, uma série de serviços que estão disponíveis aos nossos clientes de forma inteiramente customizada, tudo para atender de forma precisa aos objetivos de cada empresa. Elencamos abaixo alguns deles:


Stay informed about the latest normative occurrences in the country. You will have access to newsletters prepared by our governmental relations area about new proposals from the executive and legislative branches, the political agenda, latest appointments and much more. The client can request the monitoring of specific and personalized matters in the laws and regulations at the national, state or municipal level. Staying abreast of the latest legislative and regulatory developments are fundamental to anticipate risks in today’s competitive business environment.


This tool allows examination of a vast database and identifies trends of the outcomes of determined types of administrative or judicial cases. It is also possible to generate indicators with the forecast of the average time for judgment. Likewise, clients can request customized reports on specific matters.


We use specialized technological resources to generate information based on statistical analyses of judicial and administrative decisions, supporting our clients through the indication of preventive practices. The results obtained enable the presentation of more certain defenses and significantly increased the chance of success in cases.


We use a platform to monitor the tenders sponsored by the federal, state and municipal governments, indicating all the essential information, including time frames, as well as a dashboard for the analysis of profiles of public-sector companies and bodies. If the client needs, we can also analyze the results of past tenders, the winning bids and map the actions of their direct competitors, in addition to providing all necessary legal advice throughout the bidding process in question, anywhere in Brazil.


We developed this tool for daily control of the public databases of courts to identify legal actions filed against (or by) the subject to of the search, making clients aware of the existence of new cases many days (up to 100) before the receipt of formal service. This enables reaching more favorable settlements even before the case is docketed and increases the available time for the preparation of defenses. We can also monitor the entry of new lawsuits filed against competitors and their respective percentages of success in all regions of Brazil, allowing comparative analyzes that can be useful in developing business strategies and supporting decision making.


Through artificial intelligence tools, we can prepare regional maps of the prevailing interpretations of trial judges and appellate courts throughout Brazil about specific topics or matters. We use technologies that help our legal teams to study precedents, enabling the establishment of policies or the negotiation of settlements, the files of appeals and analysis of contingencies. A general defense for each recurring matter is a thing of the past. Now we manage to formulate a specific strategy for each judge or judging body facing the case.


Today, we have more than 150 robots in our national control structure, with tools that use artificial intelligence to optimize the operational activities involved in our legal services. Our processes and workflows are monitored through dashboards with online information on all the operations involving recurring and strategic litigation. These services are customized for our clients, who can rely on our teams and technology to facilitate the daily routine of their legal departments reducing internal costs and increasing control and efficiency of operation. If you would like to know more about this and other Legal Intelligence solutions provided by SiqueiraCastro, click here to contact us.

Se você tiver interesse em conhecer de forma aprofundada essas e outras soluções de Inteligência jurídica da SiqueiraCastro, entre em contato conosco, clique aqui.